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Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015


Kerber Security’s role during these events was of utmost importance as it had Security Search Points at all the venues involved. These search points consisted of state of the art X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Walk Through Metal Detectors along with trained personnel to operate on the said machines.

Kerber Security strives to give the best possible service and it goes to great lengths to have control over all aspects starting by providing the best possible training for its personnel. The training was provided by Renful Premier Technologies, a foreign company who provides high standard training and consultancy in over 60 countries.

Kerber Security was able to keep up with the high demand and flexibility during these events by having an effective and well trained team of over 100 personnel dedicated solely for these projects in order to work hand in hand with the authorities and provide the safest possible environment for all parties involved during these high profile events. The personnel had undergone rigorous vetting by several agencies both local and foreign as per standard procedure and this also allowed Kerber Security to provide personnel with clean police conducts and backgrounds.

It operated in 12 different locations under a 24/7 basis trough out the events as well as the period of preparation prior to the events.


CHOGM 2015



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