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Kerber Security was established in 2004 and has been providing various high-standard and professional security services since. Over the years Kerber Security was entrusted with an endless amount of tasks and objectives and a vast area of sectors both for local as well as foreign organizations. The company started with the aim to provide a standardized service which focused on man-power. The use of technology was never undermined but the company has always focused on executing any task by means of well-trained, customer orientated personnel.

The company’s primal clients where establishment of entertainment and local retail outlets. With time, Kerber Security was able to root its self into various sectors and slowly built its reputation by providing a fexible and professional service meeting any of its clients demands on a 24/7 basis whilst charging competitive rates according to the local market.

Not much has changed since then. The company’s fundamentals as well as living up to its slogan, “your security, our assurance” has only driven its reputation to success. Today Kerber Security is proud to have worked with numerous local as well as foreign entities in a vast range of sectors providing services to local institutions and government organizations as well as an

impeccable reputation with both foreign and local film industry having participated in large scale movies from “ The Gladiator” to “Troy” and much more.

Today Kerber Security, is backed by a firm reputation and trust, a very important factor for the company. Being able to give our clients a sense of relief by a trust-worthy attitude throughout. Our aim as a company has not changed a bit throughout the years, and meeting our client’s demands and needs with the ability to execute each task with the utmost professionalism and effectiveness gives us a sense of pride knowing that whenever our clients look for a way of securing their well-being and property, they will opt to choose Kerber Security for any task.

Apart from deploying fully licensed personnel who satisfy all local laws and regulations, Kerber Security has, in the past few years established its own academy, Kerber Security Academy where it sees over 50 individuals per month and only picks the few who satisfy the company’s criteria and acceptance process.

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Ronald Axisa

A message from the director

Being one of Malta’s leading experts and consultants in the security industry, Mr. Ronald Axisa is the man behind Kerber Security and the reputation that the company has acquired today. Backed by over 30 years in the security and leisure sector, Mr. Axisa is regarded for his expertise in such fields. Having received training in Dublin after moving from a career in Mechanical Engineering and an honorable service with the Armed Forces of Malta, Mr. Axisa specialized in Close and Personal Protection. Later on, Mr. Axisa occupied various positions as Chief Security with various organizations and even spent numerous years as a Manager in some of Malta’s popular entertainment venues. His vast knowledge in both fields, allowed him to implement key aspects when he opened Kerber Security in 2004. His method in doing so was to provide the aspect of “customer care” from how he treated his clients down to the personnel deployed being customer orientated and focusing on a pro-active approach whilst on duty.


Kerber Security is a leading Maltese company providing bespoke, high-standard and professional security services. Kerber Security executes any task by means of well-trained, competent, qualified and customer-oriented personnel. Kerber Security basis the operations under the slogan: “your security, our assurance”.

Kerber Security adopts a Quality Management System based on the requirements of SM EN ISO 9001:2015

Kerber Security has established the following strategic objectives to be pursued through the Quality Management System:

Long Term Vision

  • To establish long-lasting business relationships with customers, built on mutual trust that have strong potential for development and growth.
  • To perform at optimum efficiency in every aspect of the operations in order to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus

  • To provide excellent service by putting the customer at the centre of all activities.
  • To meet customer requirements in a timely and professional manner without ever comprising the business ethics and principles.
  • To provide a flexible service that suits the needs of the customers.
  • To constantly strive to identify and understand the needs and expectations of the
    customers, To give the required and deserved respect and attention to all clients.


  • To ensure that all staff are adequately trained to perform their assigned duties.
  • To ensure that all staff is able to adapt to difficult and unforeseen operational
  • To harness and develop the experience and knowledge earned over the years.
    To encourage synergy, teamwork and cooperation between the employees of Kerber Security and also with the customers.


  • To remain committed to continuous improvement in all work practices.
  • To constantly demonstrate leadership, nurture the culture of good quality and
    continuous improvement across Kerber Security.
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