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A fully licensed private agency that has been providing a full range of various quality and professional security services

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Providing various high-standard and professional security services since 2004

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Our History & Ethos

Kerber Security was established in 2004 and has been providing various high-standard and professional security services since. Over the years Kerber Security was entrusted with an endless amount of tasks and objectives and a vast area of sectors both for local as well as foreign organizations. The company started with the aim to provide a standardized service which focused on man-power. The use of technology was never undermined but the company has always focused on executing any task by means of well-trained, customer orientated personnel.

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Manned Guarding & Access Control Managment

The constant innovation of Security Equipment has led to a more functional and efficient approach in security yet the one thing that any machine or device lacks is that of real-time decision making as well as the evaluation of what action to take and when to take it.

Event Security

Kerber Securities is equipped to provide a full array of protective services at events. Our approach to security planning is to protect both guests and property at High Profile Special events

Government Corporations & Departments

Kerber Security widely extends its services within Government Departments and Property.

Film Production Security

Over the years, Kerber Security has been entrusted in providing Security both of-set as well as on-set security

Security Screening & High Profile Meetings

In a world were terrorism is at large, the threat of such actions can never be quantified nor taken for granted.

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